30-Min Rowing Workout

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I have a few pieces of equipment at the top of my home gym “really want” list, and the Concept 2 rowing machine is one of them! As we make our upcoming move and relocation, I REALLY want to have a designated “office” (or should I say, office/workout area) and having one of these bad boys to get my sweat on, would be a perfect piece of cardio equipment when the hot summer sun prevents mid-day running.

Let me tell you a little more about why I love rowing.

Back in my wrestling days, there were two pieces of equipment I relied on daily while I was cutting weight.  I will list these in order of least level of endearment: the Stairmaster aka the stair-stepper-to-hell and the Airdyne aka the-bike-to-nowhere.  Fortunately, nowadays, there are more “weight management” principles in place to keep major, unnecessary and unhealthy weight loss for our kiddo grapplers.  With all that being said, I wasn’t introduced to the rowing machine until after college when I worked in a fitness center where they had a couple of these gems tucked away in the corner.

Where was this thing when I was spending hours stepping my way to eternity? 

Now that training is beyond sport prep, finding a piece of equipment that combines both cardio and muscular endurance incorporating both the upper and lower body is huge; rowing workouts are among my favorite because it gets the job done!

 Most standard gym rowing machines, like the popular Concept 2, have a monitor with a few options, for this workout, the “just row” selection will do. 

*Tip: On many row machines, the monitor won’t power on until the you start rowing.

So let’s get to it…. here’s your 30-minute rowing workout!

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