Peachy Green Smoothie

Peachy Green.png

Celebrating the vernal equinox (spring) today with a little taste of peach!

It’s been one of those winter seasons that has seemed to drag on….along with the colds, staying indoors, and frigid weather. It’s been quite a long past few days in our household as we have been struggling with the sniffles and some sleepless nights. As you can see from the video, Little E has decided to sleep less at night and more during the day…again! This makes for a sleepy momma and a little less “put together” smoothie video today. Hashtag real life, right!?

We are SOOOO ready for spring! Big E has been requesting a “peach smoothie” for quite a while now, so we picked up some frozen peaches since it’s not quite peach season yet.

Although there are many ways to make a yummy peach-type smoothie, I really wanted to add a little extra nutritional value.

Enter: Spinach.

I know what you’re thinking… NO WAY

Yes way, and I have a two-year-old who will attest!

You may ask, why spinach?

Excellent question, and I’m glad you asked.

First, and most importantly, spinach packs a nutritional punch as it is high in vitamins C & K, folic acid, calcium, iron and carotenoids.

That last one may be one you haven’t heard of.

According to the National Institute of Health, “Dietary carotenoids are thought to provide health benefits in decreasing the risk of disease, particularly certain cancers and eye disease.”

That’s a good reason to add spinach to your daily intake, and another thing I really love about adding spinach to smoothies is… you can’t really taste it, it’s not super strong.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been trying to add (hide) all types of different greens (kale, peas, and even broccoli… what was I thinking!?) in smoothies for a while now…and hands-down, spinach is my go-to due to it’s awesome nutrition AND it’s “hideability.”

Taste-wise, spinach scores a 10/10 on it’s hideability, but of course, there’s no secret there is something green in the peach smoothie when obviously, it is not a beautiful peachy orange color. To a 2-year-old, green is more exciting, so he doesn’t seem to mind… at least for now. As an adult, you may have to try some mind-over-matter techniques to get over the green.

Today, in celebration of spring, the green color revisiting the trees, the grass and life itself, be fearless - give yourself a little extra nutrition as I challenge you to get over the green, and add spinach to your next smoothie!

Peachy Green Smoothie


8oz Unsweetened Almond Milk

6 Frozen Peach Slices (about half a peach)

2 tbsp Plain Greek Yogurt

1 Handful Raw Baby Spinach

1 Banana


1. Place all ingredients into blender

2. Blend until smooth

3. Enjoy!

*You can add protein powder to this smoothie for an extra protein boost!
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I used LadyBoss LEAN).

*Add 6-8 ice cubes if you like your smoothies more icy.

Rachael Meyer