Purple Power: Mixed Berry Smoothie

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This boy and his momma LOVE us some smoothies — not only do I love smoothies, I really look forward to spending this time with my oldest son (Big E). It’s almost like ‘our thing’ where we get to laugh, we joke, and we get to work together to create something that is both delicious AND healthy! Don’t get me wrong, we like baking Christmas cookies and birthday cupcakes, but (fortunately, for our entire household) we don’t do that very often.

Real talk — after having baby boy #2 (Little E), I was feeling a bit guilty about not spending as much time with Big E as I used to - the ‘just us two’ time has been limited. I love Big E’s curiosity, his excitement for life, and I love being able to soak in these moments and enjoy this time with him. If you have already watched the video, you have seen we (Big E) decided on a mixed berry-type of smoothie this morning. Strawberries, blueberries and banana, oh my!

Yes, I know banana is not a berry… but it IS our secret weapon!

Being a family who thoroughly enjoys a milkshake or ice cream indulgence from time to time, adding a frozen banana will really give your smoothie a thicker, milkshake-type feel. Typically, we will add at least half a frozen banana to a smoothie recipe for that reason. I also like the added fiber bananas bring to the table.

It’s so important to me for our kiddos to learn what a healthy lifestyle looks like; this doesn’t mean we don’t occasionally have treats. It’s about moderation, portion sizes and making the healthy choice 90 percent of the time. I also want to instill in them the knowledge that healthy food DOES taste good!

For kids, these smoothies can be a “treat” and are so much more nutrient-dense than having milkshakes or ice cream; for me, they are a protein-packed meal replacement, post-workout snack, or craving crusher! As a mom, it is a fast, quick, and easy way to involve the kids, connect, teach, and overflow with laughter.

I hope you enjoy this Big E concoction!


8oz almond milk

1/2c strawberries

1/2c blueberries

1 banana (frozen)

+Vanilla Protein Powder (I used LadyBoss LEAN)

1. Place all ingredients into blender
2. Blend until smooth
3. Enjoy!

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