10-minute Post-Baby Workout


As a mom of a 2-month-old and 2.5-year-old; between the kiddos, work, getting ready to move, holding things together on the home front and all the other hats being worn – or worn out at this point, let’s just be honest… I have been trying to schedule some ME TIME.. which was previously existing in the realm of a 2-minute (if I’m lucky) shower while trying to avoid an infant scream sesh. 

I hear you, self, “Shame on me for wanting to find time to work out and take care of my body.”

The absolute best mom advice I had been given, and it still rings in my head every time I get ready to step in the shower – I affirm myself, “In order to take care of everyone and everything else, you need to take care of yourself.” 

Sooo true, yet that mom-guilt happens, am I right?  Can I get a HELL-to-the-YES, up in here?!

I told myself mom-guilt can’t be an excuse… I need to take action, so I am…and here’s how I’m doing it – and you can, too! 

My secret:

Dedicate three 10-minute increments in the day to strengthening your mind/body!  My current number one must-have back in my routine is… you guessed it– FITNESS!

If you’re not sure where to begin with working out at home, LadyBoss has a great progressive at-home workout program for all levels of fitness, as I imagine, you’ll probably get burnt out if you keep this one on repeat forever.

Being a new mom, accepting change in your body can be difficult, trust me, I get it! There’s a lot of pressure to feel like you need to just whip you body in shape after having a baby (or babies). It’s important to always heed your physician’s advice about exercise postpartum to ensure your body is ready to begin exercise. This is a marathon, not a sprint, so be sure to take it one day at a time, one workout at a time, one step at a time — you got this!

Here is a sample workout you can do anywhere, providing you have stairs, a bench or small, sturdy step stool… it will get your heart rate up, and it will work ALL those muscles!  If I do this workout for ten minutes, 3 times per day, I indeed feel like I have claimed my “ME TIME” and I feel so much better physically and mentally.

Give Me 10 graphic.png

Not sure how to do these exercises? Click here for a demonstration.


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