Easter Egg Candy Alternatives

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Ahhh! Spring is in the air! Despite these 40 degree temperatures here in Utah, I see the tulips starting to show their colors, the grass is needing to be mowed, and the rain… oh, the rain.

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE to celebrate! Whether cheering on client wins or preparing for the next holiday, I find so much joy in celebration. Easter is no exception - and yes, as a believer, I do mean ALL of Easter - our family celebrates the resurrection of Jesus.

We also celebrate this time along with family traditions of Easter baskets, an Easter egg hunt and a family dinner — this is part of what I want to share with you today!

As lead health enforcer of the household, I want to instill a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle with our kids. It seems in our culture, celebrating is oftentimes tied to lingering overindulgence which can keep us from our wellness goals. I want to teach our kids that celebration is about spending quality time with family and observing the reason for the holiday, and that we can, indeed, do this in a healthy manner.

With all that being said, I wanted to share some ideas for non-candy easter egg surprises. With having a 2-year-old who is mainly excited by most any “surprise,” we are at an advantage currently. We will certainly be implementing some of these ideas in the future as our kids grow older.

I have used affiliate links from Amazon below for simple shopping (and 2-day shipping), but you can pick up many of these items at the dollar store or Walmart!

10. Simple variety trinkets - Things like slap bracelets, rings, little rockets, paratroopers, stamps, bouncy balls, lip whistles, yo-yos, etc., are inexpensive, fun surprises for young children. Be sure to check the age recommendations on these to ensure they are age-appropriate for your children.


9. Finger puppets - I love this idea for little ones because there can be a family fun follow-up activity, hello, puppet show!


8. Stickers or temporary tattoos - I remember as a kid, absolutely loving all things stickers and temporary tattoos were my jam! I’m not sure if it was the “cool” factor, or what… but given the choice between gumballs, gigantic jaw breakers or a temporary tattoo at the grocery store quarter machines - hands-down, tattoos won every single time.


As per stickers, my grandma sends my sons stickers in the mail along with the thoughtful cards she sends for holidays and let me tell you, my son LOVES him some stickers. He wants to stick them on everything and anything! I typically find them stuck on the furniture, the wall, my to-do list and sometimes in other places that still have me scratching my head as to how exactly they arrived at that destination. Needless to say, stickers are a fun alternative to candy as well. I found these Finding Dory sticker-filled eggs - talk about convenience! You can do stickers on your own very easily and inexpensively by swinging by the dollar store and then cutting them into sections that work for the size eggs you have.

Easter temporary tattoos

Easter temporary tattoos

Pre-filled sticker eggs

Pre-filled sticker eggs


7. Play-doh - If your kids love Play-Doh, this is a really good one to incorporate in your hunting egg-stravaganza! I like this little party pack because it comes with assorted colors and they are a perfect size to stuff medium-sized plastic eggs. I would suggest having these in-hand prior to purchasing your plastic eggs to ensure they fit.


6. Glow in the dark egg hunt - I think this one would be a lot of fun for older kids. Instead of having your Easter egg hunt during the day or in the morning, wait until the daylight fades and have an egg hunt in the dark with glow-in-the-dark eggs! These little glow sticks light up the eggs so they are visible in the dark. This is definitely on our radar to do as our kids get a little older.


5. Puzzle pieces - A friend of mine introduced me to this idea! Her family tradition is to fill the eggs with little puzzle pieces and afterward everyone brings their eggs and puzzle pieces to the table and they put together the puzzle as a family. This is a really fun idea and I love the idea of having the follow-on activity of putting the puzzle together. There are so many puzzles out there, so you can tailor this to what your kids like; you can also go the religious route to provide an opportunity to talk to your kids about the meaning of Easter.

4. Legos - These duplo legos are a big hit at our house! I like how these packs come with multiple different things to build, or the kids can free build whatever their little minds can imagine! Most of the pieces should fit into a medium-sized plastic egg, this is another one I would have in-hand prior to purchasing the plastic eggs.

3. Charity egg hunt - This was an awesome idea one of my clients, Beth, shared with me. She said to put coins in the eggs for donation to charity! This is really great for kids of all ages (oh, and adults, too!). The act of giving, the opportunity for the kiddos to research and choose a charity to donate to, there are just so many reasons this one is a home run in my book!

2. DIY Coupons - This was an idea shared with me by fellow LadyBoss Results Coach, Kate Bielefeld! She has her own website and blog, and I highly encourage you to check out her awesome content here; she is truly an inspiration! Kate says, “Since I have older kids, I have included some "mom coupons" for them...like go to the park, go shoot hoops, have a friend over, pick what’s for supper, skip doing my chores.. and my kids typically TRADE these with each other after the hunt to get the ones they want the most!” I absolutely LOVE this idea for a multitude of reasons, the first being, it creates an after-hunt activity for the kidsos to interact, and hey, trade/barter is a life skill! Another reason I like this is because you can do this completely at home and it’s inexpensive! You could even get the kids involved with having them write some of their own coupons to cash in with each other.


1.Art supplies - If your kids like to create, putting little pompoms, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, etc. into the eggs to do a follow-on art project is a lot of fun. It’s always fun to see what little minds come up with when you give them some things to make something of their very own. It may be fun to store these little projects away and perhaps use as Easter decorations or to pull them out each year to enjoy the past creations and watching the project evolve over time!


I hope these Easter egg filler ideas will help you continue on the path to healthy lifestyle and also provide some learning opportunities or even further quality time with your kids and family. I always enjoy opening the doors for creativity, education and just more time to spend DOING things together. I would love for you to comment what you like to do for healthy alternatives during holidays!

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