Perk Me Up - Coffee Smoothie + Protein

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WAAAAHH, WAAAAHH… the sound of your newest, sweetest, most precious alarm clock goes off at 4am — it’s game time! Sweeping up the babe and carefully stepping down the stairs in a half-still-sleeping stupor, you make it to the coffee maker and can’t get that caffeine boost soon enough.

Oh yes, do I know that feeling…and also the feeling of that cup (or three) of coffee being the main source of energy for what seems like the majority of the day at times.

This, we know, is not great nutrition. Surviving on coffee alone is not going to keep us going forever - although, sometimes it feels like it just, might, possibly do so.

With that, I thought I would do a little digging and as I did, I came across an article on Harvard’s Health Blog regarding health benefits of coffee. This is what Dr. Robert H. Schmerling had to say:

“Moderate coffee consumption (three to four cups per day) has been linked with longer lifespan. In fact, a November 2015 study in Circulation found that coffee consumption was associated with an 8% to 15% reduction in the risk of death (with larger reductions among those with higher coffee consumption). Other studies have found that coffee drinkers may have a reduced risk of

  • cardiovascular disease (including heart attack, heart failure, and stroke)

  • type 2 diabetes

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • uterine and liver cancer

  • cirrhosis

  • gout.”

I thought it was interesting 3-4 cups of coffee was considered “moderate” consumption. Part of me was thinking I may have been overdoing it with 2-3 cups on the daily (I have been CRUSHING the Keurig Maple Pecan Limited Edition k-cups, have you tried them?! I ended up buying 3 boxes because I knew they’d be gone before we finished our first box!).

Alright, Rach - let’s cut to the chase!

I wanted to share my recipe for a protein-packed coffee smoothie! This is one of my favorite smoothies to make in the mornings, and I will admit, this is typically my second serving of coffee because I don’t like to wait three minutes longer to blend it all up!

Beyond getting that caffeine boost, adding protein to your coffee is a great way to get the benefit of that added nutrition in the morning, as many of us often neglect breakfast. Yes, guilty!

With that, I present to you the Perk Me Up Smoothie - caffeine included (unless you prefer decaf, which works perfectly well in this smoothie, too!).


4oz coffee (cooled)
4oz almond milk
1 teaspoon cocoa powder (I used
Kiva raw organic cacao)
1 scoop Vanilla Protein powder (I used
LadyBoss LEAN)
8 ice cubes

1. Place all ingredients into blender
2. Blend until smooth
3. Enjoy!

I’d love to hear all about your morning routines and coffee-inspired recipes; comment below!

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