10 Minutes: Workout Like A Mother

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Another 10 minutes, another workout, right?! Oh yeah! Stepping it up from the 10-minute Post-baby Workout, this workout incorporates a little more core work!

After my first-born, I had a REALLY difficult time getting my core strength back. I remember while in recovery after I delivered him, I seriously could not walk — I couldn’t get out of the hospital bed to go to the bathroom by myself. I am not exaggerating when I say, I couldn’t stand up straight. I had a super long labor (like many first-time moms, I suppose) and pushed for what seemed like FOR-EV-ER — my son was stuck and needed to be brought into this world with forceps (I do, indeed, blame my husband for his rather large head he bestowed upon our kids). I was so fearful of leaving the hospital when I couldn’t even walk 6 steps to the bathroom without holding on to whatever I could along the path.

During shift change, one of the new nurses told me I should have been up walking around the hallway. I looked at my husband in sheer terror - there MUST be something wrong. I told him to ask for a walker so I could get up and at least walk to the bathroom somewhat independently. Mind you, I wrestled for the majority of my life; what a humbling set of moments. I never did make it to the hallway until they wheeled me out those hospital doors to go home.

I learned I had diastasis recti. This happens during pregnancy as your belly stretches, a gap is formed due to your abdominis muscles (abs, for short) pulling apart…and believe me, they don’t just “snap back” after childbirth. My whole core was unstable and the best thing I could do days (and quite a few weeks) after giving birth was to rest. Rest… with a newborn, ha!

Now, why am I telling you all of this? “I just came to get a workout, Rachael, I don’t need your life story.” I know!

I’m telling you this because it is SO important, before you start core work consisting of planks, crunches, jack knives, etc… you need to ensure you are ready as these exercises could worsen diastasis recti, if you have it. Be aware - because I wasn’t! Even though my doctor cleared me completely to hop back to fitness, there were still exercises I was not ready to do fully, like some in this workout.

If you’re core is ready, and you’re ready for a great sweat sesh — let’s get to it, mama!

Workout Like A Mother is a great full-body workout you can do anywhere! To increase the intensity, do these exercises with little to no rest in between each exercise. To decrease intensity, take longer breaks between each exercise. The goal is to complete three rounds (or 30 minutes) of these exercises daily. If you need modifications or aren’t sure how to do the movements, check out my exercise demonstrations.

Would you like to see more workouts or have questions? Let me know - comment below!

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